The Five Key Managerial Skills

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1.Technical skill, interpersonal skill, conceptual skill, diagnostic skill, and political skill are the FIVE key managerial skills that a manager needs.

A well-developed technical skill can contribute to management ability to succeed. Managers whom understand a specific activity that involves methods, processes, procedures, or techniques is considered a good manager. In order for a manager to conquer their goal he or she must prepare a spread sheet analysis, upload information onto a social networking site, develop a marketing campaign, and demonstrate a piece of electronic equipment.

Interpersonal skill is a manager’s ability to work effectively as a team member and to build cooperative effort in the unit” (17). An important part of interpersonal skills is communication skills which for managers is multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is “the ability to work effectively and conduct business with people from different cultures” (18).

Conceptual skill is “the ability to see the organization as a total entity. It includes recognizing how the various units of the organization depend on one another and how changed in any one part affect all the others” (18). Conceptual skill is extremely important because executive managers have the most contact with the outside world and are involved completely in the nation.

Diagnostic Skill involves technical, human, conceptual, or political skills used by managers to investigate or solve problems.
Political skill is used by managers to…
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