The Five Most Dangerous Drugs

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In my opinion, the five most dangerous drugs are Opioids (i.e. Heroin/ Oxycotin), Cocaine, Benzos (i.e. Valium/Xanax), Nicotine/Tobacco, and Alcohol. Opioids are at the top of my list since they can be manufactured illegally (heroin)/legally (pain killers) and are the hardest to quit once a dependency on them are formed. Cocaine is ranked second because users often binge on the drug as a result of its short high which increases their risk of experiencing an overdose. Benzos are ranked third for me due to the fact they are abused commonly by people not prescribed them and withdrawal from them needs to be done very slowly for success. Nicotine/Tobacco is fourth because not only is it easy to get hold of but use can lead to serious health issues (i.e. Cancer). Alcohol comes in fifth due to its widespread availability and acceptance making it easy for people to mix it with other drugs and hide a possible addiction.
I don’t think there should be a one size fit all criteria when it comes to determining if a drug should be illegal or not. This is because some drugs are medically beneficial and those who need them should not be punished because others choose to abuse them. However, I do believe when evaluating a drug for legality its side effects, addictiveness and overall deaths should be taken into account before put on the market. Also, financial gain should be taken out of the equation because I feel most drugs are deemed legal or illegal based on how much profit they can bring
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