The Five Person Group Into Sub Teams

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For our 628 project, we split the five person group into sub-teams. My two person team was responsible for qualitative methods of diagnosis. We arranged to interview the HR Director and a few HR staff. I believe my experience as an HR Manager working with executives on a regular basis aided in my ability to view the situation from a 30,000 foot level. I helped to formulate the organizational analysis questions: How does the goal of diversity training align to organizational objectives and strategy? Why is diversity training important for ZF to conduct? How does ZF define diversity? Do you need to leverage diversity for performance improvement? I was sensitive to picking up clues on what was in it for the HR Director, her departmental goals, as well as personal motivations.
I also kept us focused on analysis. My teammate, an experienced trainer, was forging ahead with design ideas during the meeting. The client was easily distracted. This was exactly what Blanchard and Thacker emphasize to watch out for in Effective Training: Systems, Strategies, and Practices. I continually tried to rein in the “jump to solutions” and get back to needs analysis. This was also a recurring theme with the project team. The ADDIE approach clearly emphasizes analysis first, followed by diagnosis, design, implementation, and then evaluation. The group constantly struggled to follow this in a systematic fashion. With the results of our qualitative and quantitative information, we should have…

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