The Five Pillars Of Marketing Framework

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An internet only store focused on selling shoes. Who would think, when hearing that description, that would become a billion dollar business that Amazon would eventually buy out? Alfred Lin did and decided to invest in this company. How did a seemingly failing company become such a huge success? The five pillars of marketing framework show an important series of steps it takes to support a business. Alfred Lin applied these different pillars in a way that made a very strong foundation for such a unique business to stand on. Step one of the five pillars is to develop a market opportunity. found a very unique market opportunity of selling shoes exclusively online. It was unlike any other shoe store at the time. Lin said, “We realized that if no one else thought it could be done, then there would be very few companies trying to compete with us. If we could figure it out, it would allow us to build a valuable company.” developed this concept and saw what an exclusive market opportunity it was. If they could master the personalized customer service idea with the technology of selling exclusively online, the company would flourish as this idea was not being done by anyone else. Through researching the market, step two in the five pillars, Lin found that the biggest aspect of creating this successful market was focusing on the customer experience. What was most important to find for Zappos, and most businesses, is the differential value of the

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