The Five Pillars Of Seo

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Relevance in SEO Converting the five pillars of SEO into actionable strategies can complex, and difficult. Each pillar represents an abstract philosophy or ideal. However, within these guiding principles you can derive actionable techniques. Relevance may be the most important pillar as it impacts all aspects of SEO. After all, SEO has many parallels with other marketing strategies you probably already employ, such as content marketing, social media, or PR. Many of these strategies are based on market trends, best practices, and industry research. Creating SEO campaigns and implementing them can be surprisingly difficult. You need to do keyword research, craft compelling content that appeals to your audience, and build a…show more content…
Wallace has been practicing these hobbies her whole life and can be considered an expert in the niche. Her goal as a business owner is to increase her company’s search rankings and overall visibility. An e-commerce business is a perfect example, as it requires creativity in regards to SEO strategy. E-commerce businesses can struggle with SEO campaigns because many of their pages are products pages, which offer little information or compelling content which could possibly garner interest from potential visitors. E-commerce domains also offer few opportunities for a link building campaign. Wallace’s business must remain relevant if she wants repeat customers, while at the same time appealing to new customers who are in need of her products and services. So Wallace has her business, her e-commerce site, products, expertise, and hopefully a sizeable customer base. Now how does Wallace ensure she stays relevant to her audience? Finding Relevant Audiences Online Wally’s Hobbies will struggle with relevance if Wallace doesn’t know who she is appealing to as a supplier of RC products. More importantly, who she’s appealing to online. Identifying where her audience lives online will help in all aspects of Wallace’s SEO campaign. Understanding her audience will shed light on what keywords should be targeted, what products are the most popular, and what types of content will be most appealing - guiding Wallace’s overall SEO strategy.
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