The Five Pillars Of The Muslim Faith

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1.) List and fully explain the five pillars of the Muslim faith. When describing the five pillars of the Muslim faith, it is believed that this was the main foundation of the Muslim way of life. These five pillars give a true identity when it comes to the Muslim faith and lifestyle. One of the pillars is named Salat which is translated to Prayer in the English language. Throughout the day people would have to pray and it doesn't really matter where they do it. They have to at least do it five times a day. The second pillar that I will talk about is named Zakat. Zakat would mean charity or give charity. One of the principles following this is to have the knowledge that everything belongs to God. The third pillar is named Sawm. Sawm…show more content…
The knowledge about it may be a huge factor because someone may have a good idea of how everything may go if they have a large or small family. Someone with not that much knowledge about it may have more than one mistake that they cant redo. Genetics may be one of the biggest factors in this choice of topic. If someone has bad genetics like a disorder or something, they may not want to have more than one child. The reason being is because hey may feel bad already for having it, the worst thing they would want to do is passed that down to someone else who had to live through it. 3.) List and fully discuss the reasons for Europe's declining population. The sudden decline in population in Europe has been somewhat a mystery throughout the years. For about the past ten years the population of Europe has been steadily declining. It heard by many that their largest cities are starting to slowly become less crowded. However, in the suburb areas, they have seen a greater birthrate than before. The main reason why they are experiencing a higher birthrate is that the suburbs are more affordable than the city home areas. It's a very common thing to happen in the United States, but it's very uncommon in Europe. 4.) List and discuss at least three (3) underlying causes of conflict in the Middle East. One of the most effective causes of conflicts in the Middle East is to try to get the resource of water. Water is what keeps a human being alive throughout

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