The Five Roles I Identified in Me

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The five roles that I have identified myself in are as follows. Initiating, encouraging, gatekeeping, side conversations and standard setting testing. The role of identity in initiating is proposing the tasks at hand or goals, finding out a group problem, suggesting ideas on how the task should be completed. The role perception is how the group members are supposed to act during the task. At the beginning of meetings, the work needed to be done needs to be discussed, understanding the task and the method for accomplishing the given task. This should be done respectfully and the group members should be silent when other people talk or add ideas. The role expectation is how people believe you should act in a situation. When looking at initiating people should act with respect, every member should bring some form of information or ideas on how to start the task and also how to accomplish it. My next role is encouraging. The role of identity in encouraging is being friendly and warm in every situation. Always be responsive to other people and accepting the ideas they bring forward to the group. The role of perception in encouraging is that everything must be said in a calm collective way and to not create fights or arguments. To give everyone a chance to speak about their ideas or information based on the task. Also to encourage everyone in a nice way to get the work done and sorted with positivity and respect. The role of expectation in encouraging is that the group members
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