The Five Roles Of Human Resources Management In Human Resource Management

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1. Human resources management has control over all the organizations for employees. They are responsible for creating, executing, and administering policies overriding employee’s behavior and the behavior of the company towards its employees. Proficiency in HR management concepts and techniques are important to all supervisors and managers because they make sure that you don’t hire the wrong person for the job. They make sure that you won’t experience high turnover or have any discriminatory actions. The role of line managers in HRM are the administration of activities that supply directly to the output of products or services. 2. The difference between line authority and staff authority is that line authority direct work of assistants and make important decisions. Staff authority directs those with line authority. Line authority are responsible for sales and production target success and staff authority increases support to assist them in achieving their goals. The type of authority human resource managers use, has been staff authority. 3. Demographic trends that are important to all HR managers because their trends have significant results for the economy and workforce. They are fundamental in handling when it comes to one wanting their company to rise diversity within labor markets. 4. Diversity is the distinctions in ethnic and racial, geographic, socioeconomic, and academic background. People with different backgrounds, religious and political beliefs, sexual
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