The Five Stages Of Analytical Competition Essay

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As I mentioned above, the company has two different areas that can be looked at when determining the five stages of analytical competition and I also believe that each area is at two different stages. With respect to our clients, I believe that NextGen products can be categorized at Stage 5 – Analytical Competitors with an understanding that the company will need to continue to improve and allow our customers to grow with each new release of our product. In other words, I am saying that we can categorize the products at stage 5 but I don’t feel NextGen is “done” with respect to the product analytics. If NextGen doesn’t continue to evolve and grow our analytics in our products, we will not be able to stay at that stage and allow our clients to have the competitive edge. Our products provide our clients (hospitals and practices) with several layers of reporting to determine patient care, patient services, patient billing and patient tracking. NextGen recognizes that the clients need to constantly review their data to provide better patient care at lower costs for both the practice/hospital and the patient. As is indicated by our website, NextGen Healthcare provides our clients with Ambulatory solutions, Revenue Cycle Management and Shared data services 1. NextGen openly boasts about our Analytics Solution to provide our clients the data they need to “mange risks, enhance patient outcomes and improve overall decision making.”2 For NextGen as a company including
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