The Five Stages Of Dying

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Chapter Five Summary
The chapter started by discussing that “most people fear the death process more than the event of their actual death”. (Leming & Dickinson, 2016, p. 156). The person who is experiencing dying is dealing with a whole range of mixed emotions that can affect a person actions and the people that individual interacted with. For example, a dying cancer patient who was told by his doctor that they are not going to survive is going to be dealing with anger, anxiety, depression, and isolation. The individual might even lose the ability to control their bodily functions and to even move under their own power. A person losing their ability to be independent can really make that person extremely depressed.
Going through the Five Stages
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This process was discovered by Psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross wrote a book Called Death and Dying in (1969) which she talks about a patient dealing with death goes through five particular stages of dealing with the process of dying and how that patient reacts to it (Leming, & Dickinson, 2016). The five stages are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.
Denial is when the person cannot face the reality of their situation where their life might be coming to an end. Anger is the feeling that the individual or people dealing with the person dying deal with. Bargaining is making a pleading with someone or something like a supernatural force to save that person from death. Depression is when the individual realizes that death is soon approaching. Acceptance is when the individual finally agreed to realize that they are going to die and begin to put a plan into motion for dealing with the issue (Leming & Dickinson,
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The participants would also have food says prayers and goodbye and try to give each other support and comforts as well. Now in the last couple of years that has changed from having the wake located in one of the family member houses to just having the funeral service at a funeral home. There is also a feeling and emotion a person get when they visit a hospital for a terminally ill friend or loved one. They feel like the hospital is a place where a person can be admitted be very ill but still have the chance of living then without warning things turned for the worst and they never make it back out the hospital.
Death is a process that all human being have to go through as the end process of being alive. This does not mean that every person is going to react the same way or even follow the same pattern as other people. A person going through the five stages of dying might start off with the fourth stage, depression and go back to the second emotion anger before ever getting to the last stage acceptance. Death is not an easy subject or thing to deal with but with more time understanding, and support from family members and friend, we can learn to live with it and help other people to handle this very tough event in
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