The Five Stages Of Grief

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The five stages of grief according to Linda Pastan are denial, Acceptance, Bargaining, anger and depression, these poem was written in the year 1978 by Linda Pastan. She was born in May 27 1932. She was a poet and novelist, she lived in New York City. This poem ‘the five stages of grief is self-explanatory, it talks about the stages a person goes through when they lose someone or something they lose. Grief of Mind is a poem written by Edward Dave about grief which is the theme of five stages of grief. The song” Chasing Pavement’ by Adele also has traces of grief and also portrays the same message which is the denial, acceptance, bargaining anger and depression as the poem. Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci is also a painting that portrays on dying love and grief over a loved one. All four pieces of literature/art have a tenebrous setting. In her book The Five Stages of Grief, Linda Pastan combines concrete and delicate imagery as she records her feelings about the steps in the gradual acceptance of death. Each stage is represented by its own group of poems; each group has its unique voice, speech, and dimension of feeling. Although the images peculiar to the different stages do lie over something else, they are utilized in different contexts and so stimulates varying emotions. The book cover shows a winding staircase whose upper steps cannot be seen, though the balcony is in partial view and the lower steps are in full view. The reader is invited to ascend in…
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