The Five Steps of Grief

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Grief is a process that involves five important steps to correctly deal with a painful situation or the loss of someone important in ones life. In the famous play “Hamlet” written by William Shakespeare a young boy is forced into the grieving process when his father dies. The audience can see him go through all five step, and also can see how the ones around him also go through the process. To overcome grief effectively all five steps must be experienced but not in any particular order and through the stories the readers can see how each character deals with grief differently but eventually all reach acceptance. Lorraine Hansberry, writes about a family is all waiting for the arrival of their deceased father’s life insurance check in the…show more content…
9). It is normal way people show how they feel about the situation and is a response appropriate to griefing. People to often think that depression needs to be fixed and cured but it is not that easy and one needs to go through the normal sadness to begin the next step. Beneatha in "The Raisin in The Sun" states that she believes she is nothing(451). She thinks that her life will never amount to anything important because she is going through the stage depression. This may seem dramatic but it is normal in the grieving process. Bargaining is next step in the process and in involves many “what if” statements. It may be pleading for god to give back what you lost. Many people believe that if only they did something different they could have saved their love one or not had to grief. The authors of “Complicated Grief and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Humans’ response to Death of Pets/Animals” write about how bargaining to an extreme can cause grief and make people believe that the incident may be their fault when it truly wasn’t (par. 8). Grief makes people try to bargain, they believe if only they could go back and change something everything would be better. Ruth in “The Raisin in The Sun” says she wishes walter would not fight her, she can not control him though.(408) She wishes this because she wants the situation to stop and believes by bargaining
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