The Five Strengths ( Panca Bala ) Of Buddhism

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In Sanskrit, viriya, samādhi, sati, pañña and saddha are the five strengths (Pañca Bala) of Buddhism. Viriya is energy, effort, and persistence which controls laziness. Samādhi is concentration and controls distraction. Sati is the Buddhist spiritual and psychological faculty of mindfulness which is the quintessential part of Buddhist practice and controls thoughtlessness. Pañña is wisdom and controls ignorance and finally, saddha is our faith and conviction and controls doubt (Conze, 1993). These five strengths are also called the “controlling faculties.” When these faculties are solidly built they are able to control the mind which in turn guides us to freedom. But, these five strengths are assets which need built. Careful cultivation…show more content…
Once the physical strength is determined, the knowledge is understood that a strength is set. Skills can then be developed through the understanding of this physical parameter. Counselors can help isolate career choices based around a person’s physical assets. Working on a dock may not be acceptable but working in the dock office may be suitable. Millard’s (2004) next domain is emotional. The emotional domain is the emotive experiences and the ability to sensibly and rationally react to these experiences. Counselors and clients must determine the inherited expressive gift and acknowledge the specifics on how the client uses their uniqueness in life. Together, they can determine their emotional skill and attitude toward this domain when selecting a career choice. The physical strength determines no heavy lifting but allows for office work. The emotional coping strategies may focus the individual toward working with people or working in isolation. A client may enjoy working around people or they may enjoy isolation because it allows them to concentrate upon their tasks. The third domain is intellectual. According to Millard (2004), intellectual strength helps individuals ascertain specific knowledge and then become cognizant of and utilize truth with accuracy and certainty. The client’s inherent intellectual gifts can be understood and incorporated into their life. The repeated practice of the exceptional skills they have discovered within

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