The Five most Important Events in U.S History

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Five Most Important Events in U.S. History To me, the most important events that left their mark on America were; Osama Bin Laden’s death, the American Revolution, September 11, 2001, Apollo 11, and Lincoln’s assassination. I am going to be arguing the reason why I believe all of these events to be the most significant, and important in the United States. • Osama Bin Laden Hitler and Laden were good friends throughout all of these attacks and damage caused. Laden had plenty of supporters, but still nobody could take all of his serious, awful acts, seriously. People say and have said that because of his death, we are now “free at last.” Bin Laden was such a terrible person because of all of the attacks, deaths, and damage he caused. Laden would go out of his way to get at the Americans by hijacking planes, destroying major land marks, and killing lots of people. Americans now feel safe because of his death. • The American Revolution The establishment of America was because of this event. George Washington was the leader of the continental army. During this the Americans faced very hard obstacles. A majority of Americans had opposed to war in the early 1775 year. Only about a third of Americans supported this war. This meant independence. U. S. History all started with this. The surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown is what marked the end of the War. It was the last war of the American Revolution. These battles were all very stunning, intense, unexpected events

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