The Flag : The Stars And Stripes, American Flag, By Yasmin Sabina Khan

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Every country has icons that specify objects that represent beliefs, values, or tradition that make that country unique. As the United States of America has many such as, Statue of Liberty and the American Flag. Yasmin Sabina Khan shows in her book "Enlightening the World: The Creation of the Statue of Liberty” why the Statue of Liberty was built, how each part of the statue describes everything and how it represents U.S today. In “Capture The Flag: The Stars And Stripes In American History”, Scot M Guenter talks about how the American flag is seen everywhere and how the flag has remained strong throughout many incidents. In the Barbara Kingsolver essay “And Our Flag Was Still There”, she writes about the meaning of the American flag and how it represents our country in different ways. And at last, Dave Barry shows us in his “Red, White and Beer”, the strong effects that patriotism can have on the sales and advertising of products. All of these icons that we have in America today are representing America very well; therefore, there is no need of new icons to be erected. The relationship between two nations helps in certain ways. Much like in American and French people, a friend of America from France name Edouard-Rene Lefebvre de laboulaye, visualized a monument to liberty. Laboulaye gifted the monument to honor the work of late president Abraham Lincoln and to celebrate hundred years of America as a nation. “This statue of national yet universal meaning would celebrate

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