The Flame And Its Beauty

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An immensely dense, dark fog covered the sky for many hours, intensifying in color with each long, drawn out minute that passed. The only visibility of my surroundings that I had was from the tiny spark of light created by my lantern. The delicate flame was keeping me company - while offering me a source of comfort in the back of the shaky, jolting buggy. The flicker of the flame entranced me, the slight warmth produced by it drawing me in. I sat there, studying the flame and its beauty. I had never been one to fear the dark; the still of night was a beautiful contrast to the vibrant daytime. Nightmares were things created and fabricated within the mind. The idea of fear was simply a product of an overactive imagination, and I had been told to suppress the idea of any impossible creatures lurking in the darkness of my room. My childhood years seemed to be a distant memory, despite the reality only being a few years prior. A lot had changed since then; I had grown up too fast, and tragedy had fallen upon me that had aged me beyond my years. I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival at my mistress 's house since embarking upon the long journey at the first gleam of morning sun. I had never had experience as a maid, nevertheless I was forced into this job as most of my money was gone. I needed to find a way to take care of myself now that I had no family to support me. Part of me felt apprehensive, the other half filled with intrigue about where this twisted adventure would
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