The Flamingo Rising Character Analysis Essay

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Changes in life “I just really don’t like being the center of attention that much. It’s kind of ironic.” Whether it means giving a speech in front of an audience or dancing on a stage, no one likes it. However, in the novel, The Flamingo Rising, Larry Baker introduces Louise, a different type of person that will do anything to be the center of attention. In Larry Baker’s novel, Louise and her brother, Abraham Isaac, start their first day at school at the age of twelve. Louise’s limp becomes obvious because she is nervous. As the class stares at her, she overcomes this nervousness and takes control of the situation. In the novel, The Flamingo Rising, Larry Baker clearly shows that Louise’s identity is created more by the environment than…show more content…
It’s apparent that Louise’s identity has changed from being a shy and isolated girl to someone that wants to have power. In addition, Louise’s desire for attention affects how she acts at school and at the Flamingo. On her first day at school, she asked her teacher “is this where I sit?” (38) even though her teacher clearly stated that seconds ago. She did this not only to draw the embarrassment away but to show something else, her figure. At school, she is considered one of the most popular girls in school because she has “breasts” (38); the figure of a mature woman. Also, Louise works the concession stand, which is located in the middle of the Flamingo. The concession stand is the place where everyone goes to buy food, drinks, and basically anything one can get at a movie theatre. Since this is located in the middle of the Flamingo, there is a lot of attention there. And who works there? Louise does! It can be seen that Louise wants to be the center of attention. Also, because Abraham and Louise are twins, they have to share some things. One thing Louise hates to share is their birthday. When their birthday is on the same day, it means that their party will be on the same day. One day will not be dedicated to Abraham nor will one day be dedicated to Louise. In the novel, Louise is surprised to hear that Abraham asked her what she will do on her birthday.

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