The Flappers Of The 1920s

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“The Flappers in the 1920s”

How did flappers change the role of women? I will tell you what a flapper is. The lifestyle of a flapper. How they dresses and how did they wear their makeup.And how they change the role of women during the 1920s.

The Gibson Girl’s fashionable clothing testified her profession; to be her husband’s ability to support her. “ For the Gibson Girl, grooming itself was her profession; to be her husband’s prized possession was her career.” The Gibson Girl took her cues in fashion and values from European royalty. She was the embodiment of women as bearers of children, makers of homes, devoted, affectionate, but obedient wives. She was taught to please men rather than herself. The ideals she embodied included
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A lot of men lost their lives on the battlefield and the trenches in wartime and as a result there was a shortage of men in peacetime(Kalloniatis, Ilianthe. “Flappers In Fashion.” Google Books, BookBaby).

After the war was over, a lot of independent women wanted to celebrate their independence and enjoy themselves. Society as a whole wanted to celebrate life, free from the tyrannies and restrictions of war(Kalloniatis, Ilianthe. “Flappers In Fashion.” Google Books, BookBaby).

Flappers did believe in equality. And yet they were not necessarily feminists who marched with picket signs in front of polling booths or unfair workplaces. In fact, the flapper’s rebellion was all about having fun in social situations (Gourley 63).

Flappers were northern, urban, single, young, middle-class women. Many held steady jobs in the changing American economy. The clerking jobs that blossomed in the Gilded Age was more numerous than ever. Women were needed on the sales floor to relate to the most precious customers- other women. But the flapper was not all work and no play( “Flappers.”, Independence Hall Association, 2008).

A flapper was a young woman, usually between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five. While not every modern girl in the 1920s was a flapper, every flapper shared a similar characteristics. First, her clothing defined her. Her dress
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