The Flat Tax Essay

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The national debt is growing and the government is unable to keep up under the current Progressive tax system, in the United States. A solution for the United States debt is to switch to a flat tax system. A switch to a flat tax system would simplify the tax process, it would make taxes fair and even, and it would allow the government to reduce the United States national debt. A flat tax system is a system that taxes every individual at the same percentage. It is not like any system the United States has seen before.

US Tax History
In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, the US taxed a few commodities to raise revenue for the federal government. By 1817, the Government removed all taxes and solely relied on tariffs of
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President Bush also doubled the child tax credit. The child tax credit is a rebate given to households with a newborn child. “Two tax bills signed in 2005 and 2006 extended through 2010 the favorable rates on capital gains and dividends that had been enacted in 2003, raised the exemption levels for the Alternative Minimum Tax, and enacted new tax incentives designed to persuade individuals to save more for retirement.” (History of the Income Tax, 2007). The Government approved many tax breaks allowing for more deductions for taxpayers in the 2000’s. by allowing tax deductions and incentives the tax system becomes convoluted, a more simplified system would be more effective.

Simplify the Tax Process
1000 tax forms are used by United States federal tax system to collect, process, and distribute taxes. These forms cover payment of taxes joint and partial; they cover reimbursement, late fees, and forms for different kinds of taxes. More tax forms are required when people make investments, purchases, and have different types of income to do taxes properly. With less forms to fill out the system would be less convoluted and it would help insure accuracy. Under a Flat tax system, taxpayers would only have to fill out two forms at most. Taxpayers save time and energy by filling out one to two forms versus the 1000 forms available under the current tax. The Flat Tax two filling forms are the size of a postcard. They require basic

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