The Flaw of Odysseus in the Odyssey and how he overcame his flaw

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Monday, March 24, 2014
The Flaw of Odysseus in the Odyssey and how he overcame his flaw After the Trojan war all of the Greek warriors had made it home, except for Odysseus and his men. For them the journey home had many twists and turns that caused them to be away from home for more than 10 years after the war. Their delay was caused because of their inability to follow direct orders and resist the temptation of disobedience. It was for this same reason why none of them made it home, except for Odysseus; although he was the main culprit for heeding to temptation. Homer 's Odyssey chronicles the journey of the great Greek hero Odysseus and the setbacks he encountered on his way home from the Trojan war. Odysseus
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Here he was willing to walk straight into danger and willing to sacrifice himself for his crew. Yes he had to give in to her desires and bed Circe, but this was all within the grand scheme of things, to show her that she could not do to him what she had done to his men, again with some help from the gods. Also, in exchange for him agreeing to sleep with her, she had to agree to undo the spell from his men. Mission accomplished, and they journeyed on, with the help of Circe even. However, For all of his great heroic feats, his accomplishments on the battlefield and his cunning ways, and his willingness to put himself in arms way to save his men, time and time again Odysseus showed us how earthly and human he was by the many temptation to which he succumbed. In book 12, prior to his departure from the island of Circe, Odysseus was warned of the Sirens and was told that he nor his men should allow themselves to listen to the song of the Sirens. However, Circe gave him an alternative so that he could listen to the song without succumbing to its effects. "but if you yourself have a mind to listen, have them bind you hand and foot upright in the mast-step and tie the end of the rope to the mast. then you can enjoy the song of the Sirens" (468). Upon hearing this Odysseus could not help himself, he had to exercise the option and heed to the temptation of hearing the songs of the Sirens. With their leader 's demonstrated lack of discipline and always
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