The Flawed Electoral College Voting Process Essay

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The Flawed Electoral College Voting Process

When Americans vote their choice for President, one would assume that these votes would be tabulated and the majority vote would win. But this is not the case at all. The Presidency is ultimately decided by the Electoral College, what William McClenaghan calls “one of the least understood parts of the American political process”(340). McClenaghan also defines the Electoral College as “the body that makes the formal selection of the nation’s President, from what the Framers intended into a `rubber stamp’ for the popular vote in presidential elections”(67). The original Electoral College did not succeed for very long, however; it only worked for as long as George Washington was President
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The other factor is how electoral votes are distributed. “...each State has two electors because of its Senate seats, regardless of its population. Because of them, the distribution of electoral votes does not match the facts of population and voter distribution”(343). “The current system unfairly favors states with smaller populations allocating electoral votes according to a state’s representation in Congress”(Early History of the Electoral College, l). “The disproportionate electoral strength of the less-populous states enables a candidate, to win the presidency without winning the popular vote”(Critics Claim Democracy Tarnished, 1). The smaller states have more electoral votes per person than larger states; therefore more votes in larger states don’t count. Neil Pierce, author of The Electoral College Primer 2000 says, “Every other office in the United States is elected on the basis of the person who gets the most votes, ...But the electoral college, for reasons no one can ever explain to you logically, values some votes over other votes”. The popular vote winner has lost in election races in 1824,1876, 1888, and 2000. In 1824, Andrew Jackson lost to John Quincy Adams. In the election, Jackson received more electoral votes than any other candidate but did not receive the majority. The election was taken to the House of Representatives and Adams was elected (343). In 1876, Democrat Samuel J. Tilden received more popular votes than Rutherford B.

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