The Flaws of the Educational System

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October 17, 2013 Flaws of the Educational System
There’s a famous saying that goes “is a teacher really teaching when the student is not learning?”. Growing up within the American educational system, I always asked that question to myself and wondered in what ways was the system challenging us? Both Alfie Kohn and John Taylor Gatto agree that there are many flaws within the structure, school is tedious and students aren't really learning, therefore holding us back from our true potential. I am more in favor of Kohn because schools are significant to society and if we fix a few mistakes then and there, we might make learning exciting once again. Gatto quoted a saying by H.L. Mencken that read “the aim of public
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I will never forget how on my first day, I ran to school with so much excitement, but today I have to somehow drag myself there. There's a famous saying that "knowledge is power" (Bacon) and it seems as if the current system is taking that away from us and leading our generation into a dull
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