The Flight Back At School

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The flight back to school was… interesting. It wasn’t until we were taxing down the runway why Doctor-Uncle Little descended to stay behind to have a few words with Tim’s parents (who were adamant about flying with us along with two girls and their parents. Why Tim’s parents offered for me to fly back on a small jet of my own was obvious and this time I had to kiss Tim to prevent him from losing it. My new hubby was a large brick wall and I have never thought about it, Oops, him swelling, but he did. Uncle Little stepped in between Tim, his parents, and those parents with girls who were now openly complaining how rude he was for not making a proper effort convincing them to be the new Madame of the Delton Family. Oh, but when the one name Tenia demanded he divorce at once and informed her that this undesirable disrespect to her reputation is at an end, she may never allow him to get on bended knee to beg for her forgiveness that she would consider accepting his marriage proposal. Before the other girl, Paisley named was about to say something similar, her parents barely had their hands covering her mouth and dragged her away. I thought Tim was about to open the barn doors and let his wild stallions free, he tilted his head back and laughed loudly. You didn’t have to be a psychology major to know what kind of laugh that was. Unfortunately, the Paisley girl wasn’t and shook herself from her parents grip. “How dare you consider Tenia’s request over mine!”
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