The Flight Centre Company: People Management Practices and SWOT Analysis

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It is a travel group with branches throughout Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, India and the UK. Flight Centre carries out traveling agency by offering air, train and bus tickets to passengers in the various countries in the world. The company also offers hotel bookings and other forms of accommodation to business travelers and tourists in many parts of the world. The company's strategy is to become a leader in the corporate and travel market. This strategy aims to enhance the purchasing power of the company and be in a position to negotiate favorable terms of trade with travel providers. The Flight Centre Company commenced its operation in Sydney way back in 1982 with an aggressive strategy and a goal of being one of the largest and leading travel agency in the world. The business idea dates back to 1973 when Graham 'Skroo' Turner and his friend Geoff 'spy' Lomas bought a double-decker bus with the aim of running tours in Europe. From the success obtained in the double-decker buses, 'Skroo' and other partners formed Flight Centre Company. The company grew steadily to become one of Australia and world's largest traveling group and listed on the stock exchange of various nations in which the company operates (Parker, 2012). A number of employees in the operational level, which are the retail shops, form a family.…
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