The Flight, Everything Changed My Life

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The Flight Everything changed . My way of thinking changed. My idea of the world changed . My reasons for studying changed . My way of sleeping changed . Everything changed when I got off that plane . But it was still me . I still wanted to play. I still wanted to get a car . I still wanted to waste my time . I still didn’t want to study. Before the plane, I didn’t have a reason to study. There weren’t many choices anyway . I didn’t even know if I needed to study. I could have died at any time a missile could have hit my house, or a bullet could have hit me in the head. It was hard on me. It was hard on my family. It was especially hard on my mom, she almost had a nervous breakdown. She was always sad and crying. If we ever talked about how the city was or about politics, she would start crying. Whenever one of my aunts called we had to tell them to not talk about that stuff. She wouldn’t let my sisters nor my cousins play in the yard, neither would my aunts. Now that I think about it, they were right. They really could have been killed. They could have got killed by a drive-by shooter that had no reason except his desire to kill another person. They could have been kidnapped, and maybe return for a ransom. I was confused why my mom felt like that. It was true that we were in a city that was in a war and the city was very dangerous, but the war was on the sides of the city or that’s what I thought. On the other side of my family, my dad 's side, things

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