The Flight Of Canada And The Different Drummer

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Decoteau, 1 Genevieve Decoteau Prof. Quincy Flowers ENG 7800 04/27/15 Correlation between the novels ‘The Flight to Canada’ and ‘ The Different Drummer’ Both of the novels ‘The Flight to Canada’ by Ishamael Reed and ‘The Different Drummer’ by Melvin Kelley were powerful and uplifting. The main subject of these two novels are slavery and freedom allowing the characters to search for their identity either spiritually or physically. ‘The Different Drummer’ is the novel that encourages us to strive and push oneself to make a real difference in life, and stop taking our lives and existence for granted. Both novels detailed the story of the main characters, that were striving to leave their homes for a better life. All in all, both novels clearly illustrates the history of the complicated relationships between the two races: whites and blacks. As depicted in both novels, apart from poor compensation and intimidation, the slaves worked long hours and under pressure. After working on the plants and sugarcane fields, the slaves had to do other duties in a homestead, handling cattle, houses and so forth. In most of these cases, the slaves demonstrated a state of compliance,

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