The Flight of the Kitty Hawk

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The Flight of the Kitty Hawk
HP did many things correctly when addressing the challenges for disruptive change. For instance, they organized a smaller team of “hungry” individuals from marketing, manufacturing, and research and development that moved the project away from the core group essentially acting as a small startup business. The smaller group was motivated to establish itself and prove their product was worthy of funding and upper management support. They also differentiated themselves by choosing team members that were uninterested in maintaining status in the company mainstream way of thinking. HP allowed a lot of leeway to the Kitty Hawk team in making decisions and providing financial backing to the project’s
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I would still want to get the product to market quickly while having the versatility to make changes on the fly. To find new markets I would expose the product to consumers through experimental trials. This would expose the product to potential clients and consumers and allow our development team to get feedback on consumer needs and wants as well as help us define changes necessary to make the product more appealing and usable. Instead of propelling the product forward based on profitability goals and measures, the idea would be to let the new and emerging market help us define our product while our product defines the new market. For example, when Seymour and White went to the electronics trade show in Chicago in search of their market, both them and Nintendo stumbled upon each other. Seymour and White were introduced to a market that they hadn’t considered in gaming, and at the same time, Nintendo was introduced to a want or need they had in game storage that they had not yet considered.

Another example of a company that has been successful in creating disruptive technology is Apple. At around the same time that Nintendo was creating its place in the market, Sony came around with a series of portable music devices such as the “Walkman” and the portable CD player. Soon after, Apple introduced the Ipod which is more compact than either of Sony’s products. The Ipod also allowed for more
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