The Flipped Classroom Experience

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Technology can be a boon in disguise or it can work in opposite way. In past, several learning institutes have tried applying new and latest technologies to enhance the teaching experience. Technology needs to be analysed methodically to estimate the benefits. The technology we discussed and recommend includes Webex, classroom recording which facilitate collaborative online interactive sessions. These technology have played important role in making teaching more flexible and beneficial to students and teachers. Many universities across the world have started using online interactive sessions for teaching. This is also known as online tutoring or online course. As of now, major US universities including MIT and Harvard are offering online courses. It has its own unique selling point of location flexibility. It has been successfully tried across the world to give more value to students and make education truly global globalized.
This can be also used to have mix of both worlds. Not just online or full recorded classroom videos but something that gives a better learning experience. It is also called as Flipped learning. Flipped learning is combination of online teaching and recorded video sessions, which students watch usually at home and homework is now completed in the class with interaction from teachers and collaboration of students. Flipped teaching is a new form of blended learning instead of pure lecturing.…
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