The Flood Has Changed History Forever

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The Flood

The flood has changed history forever and because of it, our world looks different than it did before. We have collected new fossils, discoveries, and information from the past because of it. After

the Ice age, the flood caused displacement of fossils and rapid erosion. Some people may say the flood

never happened, but proof is the counterexample of just that. The story of Noah, like other stories in

the first 11 chapters of Genesis, are archetypal. Noah 's story tells us that human beings have an

inherent tendency towards violence both towards their fellow human beings and the creation itself.

Noah’s flood was an act of submission and people today can now benefit from the effects of the flood.

Before the flood came, we lived in a century called The Ice Age. Originally our planet was made

of cratons and it was called Rodinia. Then when the flood came it was all one and was called Pangea.

Now we live on the earth made of a mixture of cratons and flood sediments. After the ancient Greek

words pan meaning “entire” and Gaia meaning “Mother Earth”, we now know Pangea could not have

been the pre-Flood supercontinent. Something must have occurred earlier to produce the features on

Pangaea. To identify if the flood actually happened geologists can look at the debris, rock types, and use

paleomagnetism. Evidence indicates that the continents have moved around, broken apart, and crashed

together, but the basic pieces have remained fairly…
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