The Flood of Transplant New Yorkers

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Most would ask what is the substance of these bonds, how could all these individuals from different worlds be connected? The individuals listed above are all successful “transplant New Yorkers” (people who are not originally from N.Y.C) who went from rags to riches. They are the inspiration for the roughly four million non – natives found within the city. Other significant reason for the huge influx of non – natives are popular compositions by Frank Sinatra and When O’ Henry which are “New York, New York” and “The Duel” respectively, both of which are guilty of painting a vastly deceitful portrait of New York, which misleads millions of individuals from near and far causing them to migrate to the city only to be faced the sad reality. New York is not as great as it is made out to seem.
In “The Duel” written by When O’ Henry which depicts the lives of two individuals from the mid-west who relocate to New York City. One studied business the other studied art their names were William and Jack respectfully these individuals came to New York expecting to have their cake and eat it too. Like many others, both of them thought that in their pursuit of wealth they could uphold the morals that they inherited from the west. William bent to the will of the city and there was no going back, like many others before and after him he has become “New Yorkized”…
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