The Floor Of Lutz Creek High School Essay

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The hallways of Lutz Creek High School were always too loud. The school was just big enough that the shouts and squeals of teenagers confident enough to express themselves tended to drown out the empty gazes of the students who weren’t. It was a hell hole for some and a haven to others, but to Faline Rabe, it was a temporary evil to be dealt with for one more year. “So I told that bitch that if she had a problem with me, she could either say it to my face or get hit. It doesn’t matter anyway because she’ll be kissing my ass when I’m the lead of the musical this year. Faline. Faline, are you listening?” Faline turned her head from where she had zoned out while staring into her locker. “Yeah, Sophia, I’m listening.” “No you weren’t,” Sophia said as she flipped the dyed pink ends of her hair over her slim shoulder. She was constantly surrounded by an aura of nonchalance and imprudence. Perhaps it was what drew Faline to her. “You’ve been all spaced out and shit for a week. What’s up?” “Senioritis maybe?” Faline lied. “I don’t know, man, it just feels like…this year is the year. Don’t you feel it?” Sophia inspected her best friend once-over with her huge eyes. “What are you on and where can I get some?” Faline rolled her eyes as she slammed her locker door. “I’m being serious!” “Me too.” Faline rolled her eyes again. After being friends with Sophia for four years, she had gotten used to the motion. “I don’t drink…or smoke,” was added as an afterthought, “remember?”

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