The Florida Association Of School Psychologists

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The Florida association of school psychologist has come about years after of the field of psychology’s birth. It wasn’t until dozens of policies began being put into place and modified, tests being created and proper training being established, that the job of a school psychologist was formed. As more time passed and people have become more and more aware of school psychologist and their roles, organizations aimed at continuing to grow and better the field were created. In particular, the Florida association of school psychologists and its father organization, The Florida psychological association are two very influential organizations in regards to the Florida educational system.
A psychologist is a specialist in psychology. The origin
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School psychologist are qualified in psychology, child and adolescent growth, child and adolescent psychopathology, education and learning, Family unit in and parenting techniques, education concepts, and character philosophies. All in all a school psychologist is there to help the child to get all that they can from the school experience.

Spanning between the years of 1890 to 1920 school psychology was originated as a primary "child saving" service. Its practices follow the theories and research interests of the psychologist of the time, including Granville Stanley Hall and Lightner Witmer which are noted as particular influences to the school psychology practice.
During the late 19th and Early 20th Centuries, social reform went in to effect, this entailed compulsory schooling, juvenile courts, child labor laws, mental health, and vocational guidance. These along with the developed of interest in children’s psychological rights played a critical role in the push for having school psychologists. By 1910, a few special education services were in put into urban and rural schools. Since this placement, the demand of children needing special education services, people were needed to be put in place to help in the selection and placement of children in these services. During this period of time school psychologist were referred to as the “gatekeeper” for special
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