The Florida Department Of Juvenile Justice

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I. Introduction
The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Office of Prevention and Victim Services provides voluntary youth crime prevention programs through the state of Florida. The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice mission is to increase public safety by reducing juvenile delinquency through operative prevention, intervention and treatment services that builds up families for a turn around of a brighter future of a troubled youth. The main functions of these programs as will be indicated in this paper are designed to reduce juvenile crime and protect public safety. These programs that will be stated main focused is to help those high-risk juveniles and those who display problem behaviors such as ungovernability, truancy, running away from home and other pre-delinquent behaviors. The state of Florida addresses these problems by contracting this delinquency programs prevention services and awarding grants to this local providers throughout the state of Florida.
II. Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts
The Juvenile Drug Court Program is one of the most accelerated outpatient option available to youth who are arrested and have been determined to have substance abuse issues. The parent/guardian and the youth have the option of consulting with the Public Defender’s assigned attorney to explore other legal options before accepting Juvenile Drug Court as part of their verdict. The Juvenile Drug Court provides services to juveniles who are thirteen to eighteen year of age and
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