The Florist 's Dilemm Adopt E Commerce Or Not?

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The Florist’s Dilemma: Adopt e-Commerce or Not?
Four Step e-business strategy for the owner of City Flower
Step 1
The very first step involves a Cost benefit Analysis. The owner of city flower has to make sure that whatever decision is being taken results in positive results for the business. The cost of employing an extra human resource leads to an additional increase in productivity. Here we are going to talk about the SWOT Analysis.
• Existing Business having existing customers helped City Flowers to retain their hold in the market.
• Located in the central business district resulted in ease of shopping to attract new customers on everyday basis.
• City Flowers also provided good quality flowers to its customers in order to keep them satisfied and happy.
• As we all know that flowers fall under perishable good category thus due to such nature its popularity was less and many people chose to buy artificial flowers instead of real ones.
• City flower’s was not a big retail outlet instead it was a small shop located on Queens Street Auckland CBD, it lacked in having proper Logistics and Management.
• Time Constraint was another factor which acted as a weakness for the business.
• City Flowers should extend its reach to cover other cities and expand their geographical coverage.
• They should focus on entering in big markets. This can be done by increasing their product line and providing extra services to their customers like “home

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