The, Flourish, By Martin E.p

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I decided to read the entire book (349 pages) titled, Flourish, by Martin E.P. Seligman. He sectioned his book into two parts, “A New Positive Psychology” and “The Ways to Flourish.” The first part of the book, Seligman discusses his journey to discover the concept of “positive psychology.” A man who was a part of an anonymous foundation contacted him and presented Seligman with hefty funds for an opportunity of a lifetime—to study and research any subject he wishes and report on it. He chose the topic, “Positive Psychology” as the subject he would then focus a substantial amount of his time and research on. In doing so, he was able to find scientific reasoning for how people achieve happiness in their lives. Once Seligman takes the time and space to explain his concept of flourishing and positive psychology, he then focuses the second part of his book on how to implement and maintain those concepts in your life. Overall, he divides his entire book into 10 chapters, which are: well-being, positive psychology, drugs and therapy, teaching well-being, positive education, character and achievement, being psychologically fit, turning trauma into growth, the biology of optimism, and the politics and economics of well-being. With each chapter/topic, Seligman is able to reach an extremely diverse audience with very different needs. He uses certain chapters to focus on what an individual may add to their lives to find more happiness; he uses other chapters to emphasize what
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