The Flow Experience Within The Mobile Banking Services

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The concept of flow has been proposed recently as a critical construct for gaining an insight into the consumer experience. (Bilgihan, 2012; Kim and Han, 2014; Wang et al., 2015). Although extensively covered within marketing research, only a limited number of studies have investigated the flow experience within the mobile banking (m-banking) setting. The current study investigates the concept associated with online consumer experience (flow) alongside the role it plays in affecting consumers’ repeated intentions towards mobile banking services. Flow is a fun-filled experience, which individuals feel while participating fully in activities (Hung et al., 2012), and acts as a base for investigating customers’ online experiences (Novak et al., 2000). This study tries to identify experience (flow) antecedents in mobile banking services from the perspective of developing countries in Middle East, and the Gulf region in particular.
Information systems literature infers that satisfaction is the consumer’s level of fulfilment with a system, as well as with the system output (Petter et al., 2008). Notably, many studies do not distinguish between information satisfaction and system satisfaction as separate constructs for instance, (Wixom and Todd, 2005; Ghobakhloo et al., 2013)Within the electronic commerce context, consumer satisfaction may be described as the feeling or reaction of a consumer regarding his/her experiences with different aspects of the electronic commerce system
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