The, Flowers, And Fruits

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Each of the pieces in the De Young museum have their merits, but few can, although debatable, compare in boldness and complex simplicity to Beth Lipman’s Candlesticks, Books, Flowers, & Fruits. Finished in 2010 by the American born artist, Candlesticks, Books, Flowers, & Fruits is a life-sized sculpture that, in a general way of putting it, touches upon various contemporary themes and ideas regarding opulence, indulgence, and the taints associated with such undertakings, all of which may be naturally derived from one’s perspective-based interpretation. This art piece comprises of an ovular table with an overabundance of constituents resting upon it, these constituents consisting of a medley of flowers, vases, glasses, fruits, bowls, plates, books, & candlesticks among other things, all of which are sculpted from glass, coloured of glossy pitch black. This work, being a sculpture, was unexpectedly assorted into the museum’s Still Life gallery, implying its classification as a Still Life piece.
That being said, in a room full of captivating paintings, there is no evading this piece when one strolls in – a clear testament to its disturbingly engrossing power. Indeed, there are other life-sized sculptures present, but none perforate through their surroundings as irreverently as Lipman’s piece. This voluptuous black mass vulgarly retains a space in one’s mind should it even be given the opportunity to enter one’s field of vision. Seemingly overflowing with sleekly smooth tar,…

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