The Flu Shot: Why Do I Need to Get It? Essay

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The Flu Shot To get the flu vaccine or not to get the flu vaccine? This is a huge controversial question millions of Americans today ask themselves every year. There are many myths that come along with the topic of the flu vaccine that lead to people questioning the effectiveness of the medication. Safety for our families and loved ones is what we aim to achieve, but what are the pros and cons of this vaccine? What are the consequences and what are myths, but most importantly: what are the reasons we should get it in the first place? In this paper you will learn the many reasons for the flu vaccination and how it affects different populations beginning with children all the way to the elderly population. First of all, what is the flu…show more content…
This is where people get confused and use those reasons to fight against the importance of receiving the flu vaccine. Do not be discouraged! There is no evidence that suggests any serious harm or serious side effects caused from the flu vaccine. What exactly is the influenza shot made from? Have you ever wondered how the vaccine is made? There are two parts to making a flu shot: First, scientist experts around the world decide what types of flu will be included in the flu shot for each year. Then, vaccine manufacturers start making the flu shots so that by the time the next flu season starts, millions of doses are already available. How do they decide what goes into a flu shot? Every year, in more than 100 countries around the world, health workers and expert scientists collect samples from people who are sick with the flu. These samples are taken and sent to five international labs, chosen by the World Health Organization, that test the samples and find out what strains of influenza are most common. The five labs are in the U.S., England, Australia, China and Japan. In the U.S. the CDC or Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends people to have the flu vaccination once a year. Anyone over the age of six months or a weak immune system. The flu vaccine is the best way to keep yourself and your family safe from getting the flu. It has also been proven to decrease the amount of deaths yearly and prevent the
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