The Fluctuation Of Total Nitrogen Levels

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Title Page The Fluctuation in Total Nitrogen Levels in the Manatee River Estuary, as a Result of Storm Water Drainage Acknowledgments: In addition to the bibliography, many individuals provided me with information and resources to help my research. Thank you. • Jay Leverone Ph.D. Sarasota Bay Estuary Program • Kellie Dixon Ph.D. Mote Marine Laboratory • Sara Kane Sarasota Bay Estuary Program • Greg Blanchard Manatee County Environmental Program • Darin Rushnell Public Works Storm Water Engineering Abstract Question: What environmental impacts do precipitation levels have on the total nitrogen levels in the Manatee River Estuary? Scope: This question will be answered after nitrogen data collected by the University of South Florida is analyzed, along with data received from last year 's weather reports. The Tampa Bay Estuary Program is testing nitrates in a similar manner, in that they are monitoring the use of fertilizers and its effect on run off and water pollution. With contact with various estuary protection agencies and marine preservation organizations, the collaboration of other data will be incorporated in this investigation and present additional information that will be involved. This holds significant value, as it is proving or attempting to prove how rainwater can increase the levels of storm water drainage leading to increased nitrogen levels. Especially in wetlands and estuaries where there is a delicate ecosystem
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