The Fly Features A Deformed And Monstrous Human Animal Hybrid

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David Cornenberg’s film The Fly features a deformed and monstrous human-animal hybrid. The scientist undergoes a teleportation experiment that goes wrong and fuses him house fly caught inside the device. This mistake creates drastic mutations to his genetic material making him slowly transform into a fly. In this film the audience wonders at which point is he no longer human. With regards to DNA, Brundle is not human from the moment of the first teleportation because his DNA is fused with that of a fly so no longer pure human. Just like the Chimp in Rachael in Love is just a chimp with human memories because her DNA is chimp. In the film the main characters body disintegrates to the point when his facial features fall off. Externally, little remains of Brundle’s humanity; he is more insect than human. Moreover, the more grotesque physical he becomes it starts to affect his mental state. When he physically loses his human characteristics such as limbs, face, he also has lost his ability to communicate with others which is a fundamental necessity as a human. One must be able to communicate with the world around them. At the end of the fil there is little evidence of Brundle’s humanity. Only at the very end of the film do we see what looks like the last shred of emotion and self-concept when it looks like he is dying and motions to Victoria to shoot him to end his suffering. It seems that he knows what is happening and that it is no way to live. At the very end of the film

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