The Flying Castle Alternate Ending

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Multicolored lights started flashing all around the exterior of the container. The pipes that connected the alien's frozen prison to it's surroundings started spewing out freezing cold air. The temperature in the room must of dropped down to 40 degrees. Everypony started huddling together for warmth while they watched the cylinder continue to come to life.
All the different sized pipes and wires that connected themselves to the frozen entity disconnected and were pulled back into the roof of the container. The thick orange liquid that kept the alien from falling down quickly drained through the floor, and the creature slowly fell down to the ground.
The door opened, and the creature flopped out onto the floor in front of everypony. The extraterrestrial
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A few more click clacks later, the sound of a generator turning on could be heard throughout the small waiting room. Then a large clanking sound came from the metal doors. The walls started spinning just as they had before. The weight of gravity, rather than increasing like it did when they came to The Flying Castle, decreased. It was an enjoyable experience, especially for Pinkie Pie who took advantage of it to have fun.
Fluttershy was sitting next to Rarity on the couch, keeping a close eye on Anon. He hadn't mentioned that he ate meat, which only made her more suspicious of him. What if he really came here to feed the rest of his planet? Fluttershy tried not to whimper at the very thought of it.
"I've been meaning to ask you, Anonymous... Why did your castle look like an office building on the inside?" Rarity asked,
"That building wasn't meant to be a ship, it used to be a research facility." Anonymous said, focusing on the keys he was pressing, and keeping an eye on the display that was zooming in on Twilight's library.
"As long as everyone's asking questions, why do you have those pictures on your rears?" Anonymous asked, pointing his finger at Applejack's cutie
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