The Flying Machine Analysis

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Ray Bradbury was a science fiction writer who did both long novels and short stories. He was born on August 22nd,1920. Many consider him the writer most responsible for bringing modern science fiction into literature. He has plenty of classics in this genre. These stories usually had to do with certain ideas or themes, and most had a real-life issue in mind that he wanted to inform people about through his writing. The texts Marionettes, Inc. and The Flying Machine each developed characterization in their characters, used plot structure and events in their stories to convey a theme and used setting to develop conflict in their stories. In Ray Bradbury’s novels or short stories, development in characters was shown. In Marionettes, Inc. Braling and Smith were the protagonists. Both characters were having trouble in their marriage, but they were for contrasting reasons. Braling was forced into marriage and never loved his wife. He stated “It was more than unfair. You didn’t love her” (Marionettes, Inc. 212). Braling 2 would help him get away from his failed marriage that made him miserable. Braling developed as a character throughout the story. An example of this is how he wouldn’t face his problems; he just wanted to run away from them. This was shown right when he bought the marionette that would later lead to his demise. On the contrary, Smith is married to a woman that really overdoes it. The text once stated “ I mean, after all, when you’ve been married ten years, you
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