The Focus Of This Research Paper Is On The Organizational

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The focus of this research paper is on the organizational behavior regarding stress in the military. The problem-solving, integrative framework is utilized to analyze the different steps within this process where the problem is defined, potential causes of the issue are identified, and recommendations are provided to solve the issue. More specifically this research paper provides a summary of the Army, provides a synopsis of the organizational challenge of stress, and provides a list of key individuals and their roles. Use of actual experiences are incorporated in the research in order to provide more clarity. The research paper also provides an application of how behavioral style theories applied to this challenge faced by the Army.…show more content…
A few months later they returned to the U.S. after a 12-month deployment. Typically speaking when a unit returns back to the U.S. from overseas, the unit goes into a 30-day leave cycle. During this time certain equipment and personal items that may have been packed in Conex containers are transported back to the U.S. and are accounted for, to ensure that all items arrive back to the U.S. Conex containers are then inventoried and generally staged in a holding area or a motor pool. The motor pool is the place where unit vehicles are lined up in rows. The next task is to ensure all the vehicles arrived back to the unit location. It is a lot of checks and balances to make sure all property is accounted for. Once leave is over and Soldiers return back to the units and equipment is accounted for, the cycle ramps up again. Meaning, units start training to go back overseas. For me, I trained; conducted weapons qualification, field training exercises, road marches, maintenance of vehicles, health screenings, and etc. Keep in mind Soldiers just got back from deployment and now training for another deployment. This creates stress on Soldiers and families. Although Soldiers get vacation time of roughly 30 days, it really is not enough time. After deployment, Soldiers are supposed to get about a year dwell time, where they are not deployable. Therefore, Soldiers will get this dwell time; however, they
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