The Focus on Race in The United States Essay

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“Differentiated races are fixed either by nature or God. You cannot escape your racial classification (Weidman, 2006).” This is the fifth basic belief of ideology and instantly establishes a basis on why race has survived in the twentieth century. There will always be scientists, philosophers, doctors and historians examining the origins and the continuation of race. By examining their research we are able understand this color line and how it has impacted the twentieth century.
Race survived throughout the twentieth century in part due to the continuing discrimination against those of non-western European descent. From a cultural aspect we began to separate groups and degrade them by using offensive terms such a “Huns”, “Greasers”, and
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Research surfaced describing the negative effects of hiring workers with immigrant status (Roediger, 2008). These data sets indicated that the manual work of one white man was equal to three colored workers. This even went further when describing skilled labor. Charts were placed around businesses describing what nationality was best for each profession. This discouraged Americans from hiring anyone except white workers and continued to support the color line that was being formed in the workplace.
Racism was not only present in the work place but also in the homes and neighborhoods of immigrants. This racism served as an aide to the survival of race as people considered it a necessity for minorities to assimilate into a culture. Psychologists felt this was the only way to survive and continued to provide the community with even more fallacies including the idea that blacks did not identify with their colour of their skin and wished to change the color to white. After research was conducted by Johnson and it was found that African Americans were satisfied with their skin color. These individuals tended to steer away from be asscoiated with whites or even blacks. Instead they hoped to establish a new group of brown skinned people avoinding discrimination of being black and avoiding being associated with the cruelness provided by whites. By filling the heads of our population with

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