The Folly Of Secularism By Jeffrey Stout

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The Muslim headscarf, or Hijab has been a matter of ongoing debate and controversy in the secular state that is France. Secularism does not exist in a vacuum in France it builds upon ‘complicated emotional inheritance, specifically the negotiation between the religious and state secularism which appears to continually lead to an image of hostility being constructed for Islam, despite the promotion of universality that is allegedly key to the French Republic. This essay discusses the Hijab in France in regard to Jeffrey Stout’s ‘The Folly of Secularism’ and is structured in three main parts. It looks at how Secularism is intensely debated and contested, the way in which event intellectual, political, social shifts are changing through analysing firstly the controversy itself, then laïcité. Secondly, through looking to different aspects of French secular society; law, media and education. and thirdly, as per Stouts framework, discusses how the topic takes us to the heart of the most pressing issues of today, Gender politics, French state personality/nationhood and the Islamophobia that is a result of all of these things.The headscarf affair was generated by multiple social anxieties, namely the preservation of laïcité. The headscarf Controversy in France illuminates the politics of secularity in the way that it reaches across all social and political aspects of secular society in France. Overall, this essay will argue that the politics of secularity are indistinguishable from
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