The Folly of Rewarding a While Hoping for B

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The Folly Of rewarding A, While Hoping for B Case Study
In this case analysis we shall be examining the unintended contradictory results that reward systems bring about and recommendations in solving the issues highlighted

Problem Statement:
Many Problems in Organizations are created because of Faulty Incentives and Flawed reward systems that are setup to accomplish one thing but actually does the opposite.
“While Mangers complain about lack of motivation in their workers, they might as well consider the possibility that the reward systems they’ve installed are paying off for the opposite”.
Directly linked to these Faulty Incentive and Flawed Systems are key issues with
1) Employee Motivation, 2) Reward Systems, 3)
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For doctors there may be some direct financial gain from over servicing. More important though is the possible costs and professional damage from malpractice suits. Over servicing diminishes the chance of facing such suits, or losing them if they occur.

3) Evidence of how a poor decision making Process has stereotyped and created a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation is seen in Politics. This is a state of being BIAS
Most of us want honest politicians who tell us clearly what they will do in office, then stick to that once elected. The actual reality is that politicians don’t behave that way, yet they get elected by our vote and we sustain this reward system.
Also, we expect our public service to do the best it can with the community resources available to it. Yet there is usually great mismanagement in the public sector, Yet nobody act to resolve this issue or call the minister to order because it will harm the government’s standing and may cost it votes. This portrays a consequence of a community supported reward system unavoidably biased against good public sector management.

3)Financial incentives are designed to provide direct motivation – do this and you will get that while at the same time can spell doom. For Example giving a Psychiatrist a higher payment for
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