The Foner And The Reconstruction Era

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eric Foner is a history professor at Columbia University, who speciality is in the Civil War and Reconstruction era. He has written many pieces and had many successful publication, and received many awards. Foner is a very passionate man when it comes to the Reconstruction period that occurred after the American Civil War. He wrote a piece entitled “The New View of Reconstruction” which dissects the reconstruction whether the reconstruction succeed or failed. Foner wrote about the political issues, such as the fight between President Johnson and congress, and the new amendments that were created. And the fact that African-Americans were slowly becoming more equally, and organizations were being created to terror anyone supporting the equality of African-Americans. Throughout the reconstruction era the nation had to rebuilt itself as a unified nation, and making many decision that not everyone agreed with.
President Lincoln’s plan was having ten percent of the Confederates states swear
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Radical Republicans prevented former Confederates from voting by not counting for them in congress. President Johnson vetoed many laws that the Radical Republicans wanted to pass and the republican would override the veto by a two-third vote. The republican were able to pass thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendment. Thirteenth amendment was created to abolish slavery. Fourteenth amendment addressed the citizenship rights and equal protection for freed blacks. Fifteenth amendment establish the state government from preventing any citizen to their right to vote based on the citizen’s race. Radical leader Charles Sumner and Thaddeus Stevens worked on plans for black's right. The 14th and 15th amendment inspire the future efforts for civil right. Eventually, Congress attempts to impeach President Johnson, but lost one vote to impeach the
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