The Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations

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We all have heard that 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered – most of it in the form of oceans. Though it may sound like a lot, the fact that most of them are not fresh water. According to Jay Kimball 's calculation, it shows that freshwater in the world is only 10.7 billion cubic kilometers. It means clean water represents 0.77 percent of total volume of water in the Earth. In addition, we also have 1.74 percent of clean water which can be seen in different places such as the ice, glaciers, and permanent snow, but these resources are almost untouchable. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) projects that two-thirds of the planet will be water stressed by 2025 (Kimball). So are you ready for…show more content…
The last significant regional drought occurred in parts of Southern California in 1999-2002. Historical data combined with estimates created from indirect indicators such as tree rings suggest that the 1928-34 event may have been the driest period in the Sacramento River watershed since about the mid-1550s (para 7). California has often faced water scarcity throughout its history, and each year has brought its own challenges and impacts. Drought can affect ecosystems, government officials, and residents. To ecosystems, drought can cause a wildfire, melting ice, and the decline of stream and river flows. It also can lead to the death of many species such as polar bear and fishes. To recover drought 's damages, government officials need a large sum of money, and that is why they increase the taxes as well as enact water restrictions on residents. Besides, farmers and ranchers are affected in terms of sales. The shortage of food will cause the rise of food prices. The main two causes of California drought is climate changes and farming. First, the global weather and climate change enormous and continuous that is an important cause of California drought. Climate changes occur over a long period and can be observed as changes in the pattern of the weather events. As we all know, temperatures have warmed over the past century. Besides, the prevalence and duration of drought have increased in the American West. For drought relief, snow is
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