The Food And Drug Administration

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Andy Nunez English 1101 Amy Sandefur 9 September 2014 Dear Michael Taylor, As senior advisor of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), I understand that you must have thousand of proposals being addressed to you everyday. I also understand that the FDA is responsible for tests that use dogs, primates and other species as test subjects to meet legal safety requirements. ( At the same time, I, and millions of other people believe that the laws on animal experimentation need to be reviewed. This is a topic that has been given a lot of attention for the past decade. Everyday, hundreds of news articles are written arguing about whether or not animal experimentation should be stopped. Many of these articles reveal the pain and…show more content…
In fact, our own immune system is 98% identical to mouse’s immune system. ( Because human beings and animals are so biologically similar, it makes sense to test them as opposed to testing other human beings. In 2011, a poll conducted by the science journal Nature found that 90% of 1,000 biomedical scientists agreed that animals being used in research are essential to promote safe and breakthrough cures. For instance, animal research has been essential for the development of Heceptin and Tamoxiflen, two medicines that have saved thousands of men and women with breast cancer. ( Lung cancer is another leading cause of death in the United States. In this case, mice were used to help progress research because of how similar their lungs are to human beings’. ( Furthermore, it can be said that animal research leads to medical progress. I understand that your position of allowing animal experimentation to continue is for the better of our own health. The benefits that come from animal experimentation are not so obvious but very important. It is to believe how much these animals have contributed to the finding of many life saving treatments. Some of these important treatments are: asthma inhalers, meningitis vaccines, leukemia treatments, and organ transplants. ( While not resulting in a cure, animal experimentation has helped HIV
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