The Food And Drug Administration

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Do you know what you eat every day? What chemicals are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but are banned or heavily regulated in other countries for health reasons? Most people want to believe they do, but are shocked to find the truth. It has been estimated that seventy five to eighty percent of the foods and drinks sold in stores have been genetically modified (About Genetically Engineered Foods). Genetically modified food, or GMO’s, are a major health risk, and should be clearly labeled by companies, if not banned. My mother is in stage four kidney failure, meaning that she only has about fourteen percent of her kidney function left. She takes about half a dozen medicines a day for pain, hormones, and vitamins. She has been put on a vegan diet, a grain free diet, and was suggested a marine diet. No matter what she tried nothing seemed to help her kidneys or pain. Over the summer of 2013, for fourteen days, my parents, sister, her boyfriend, and I all went to Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a small country in Central America. In Costa Rica, the food was caught fresh, and fruits and vegetables were picked daily in the local garden. After two days being in Costa Rica my mother only had to take two pills for hormones. Her pain dramatically reduced, her migraines went away, and her kidneys could process all the food without problems. She ate meat, fish, bread, and anything she wanted with no side effects. The main difference between the food in the United States and the

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